Faith has had a strong safety record during its 20 plus year history with the number of OSHA reportable incidents well below industry average. Faith has accomplished this through the implementation of a comprehensive injury and illness prevention program, use of hands on management, strong safety training, and a focus on best practices. Faith has a dedicated safety team to ensure it maintains and improves its safety record.

Our Objectives:

  1. Ensure that everyone goes home to their families safely each-and-every day.
  2. Verify employees use safe work practices through continuous training, coaching, positive reinforcement, open dialogue and feedback to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.
  3. Continue creating individual ownership by delivering safety content in a more personal, effective, and positive manner.
  4.  Ensure Faith Electric hires the most qualified employees in the industry while focusing on craftsmanship, continuous improvement, and total commitment.
  5.  Validate all employees are prepared and have a clear understanding of hazards associated with the job through risk analysis and performing pre and post job tailboard meetings.
  6.  Provide the appropriate level of crew oversight through management and daily safety audits.
  7.  Further build a culture that values safety above all else through clarity, cultural cohesiveness, focused team effor.