“To be the leading minority electrical contractor by providing a safe and productive work environment for the equal benefit of Faith Electric and its customers, delivering outstanding service and solutions, and developing long term relationships with our clients.”

Company History
In 1991, during a union meeting, a large national vendor seeking to add a MBE sub-contractor to its supply base asked the members in attendance “Who had a C10 license?” The only minority in the room with a C10, Samuel Barnes, answered “I have a C10 license”. He was later asked to become a subcontractor for that vendor and Faith Electric was born. Since 1991, Faith Electric has grown into a leading minority contractor of high voltage services in Southern California by delivering excellent service, safely, to the top utilities in the area including Southern California Edison (SCE), and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

In early 2012, UTS Capital Partners LLC acquired Faith Electric. Since the close of the acquisition, Faith has made significant upgrades and investments including hiring new management which increased its experience and expertise, committing additional equity capital to fund growth and enable it to support larger customers and projects, implementing more structured safety and quality control processes and training, and implementing the supporting systems required to ensure high quality execution and service levels. By combining these enhancements with its experience, strong safety record, and MBE status, Faith has positioned itself to enter a new phase of growth and success.

Value We Deliver
Faith Electric is the only electrical contractor in Southern California to combine a highly experience management team, with broad capabilities aligned with the complex needs of our customers, capital and experience to ramp up a large number of crews, a partnership model focused on safety , innovation, and collaboration, and certified status as an MBE.